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Joshua Smith

Josh Smith

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Action anthropology, Sol Tax, activism, treaty relations.


Joshua Smith, Associate Editor of the Franz Boas Papers, is a Postdoctoral fellow with the Department of American Studies, University of North Carolina. His dissertation, The Spirit and Intent of Action Anthropology, assesses the political philosophies and cultural (re)productions of engaged anthropological research with an emphasis on the political matrix particular to the colonial encounters of North America by focusing on Sol Tax’s philosophy of action anthropology. Joshua is currently working on editing a volume that looks at Boas' ever-shifting position(s) on colonialism, U.S. Indian Policy and his related activisms centred around issues of Indigeneity, Indigenous activisms in the political contexts of his times. Central to this volume, for example, are the correspondences of Archie Phinney, Ella Deloria, and John Collier.